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Our history

Maintenance of septic tanks has been our speciality for over 40 years

Founded in 1970 by Normand Beauregard and his wife, Rena Beauregard, Beauregard Fosses Septiques has become in the last few decades a key player in the septic tank industry on the North Shore and in the Lower Laurentians. Its loyal costumers have benefited from the companies diverse range of expertise in septic tank cleaning, unblocking, thawing, as well as inspections and the pumping of grease traps.

A company in full development providing a wide range of services

In the beginning, Beauregard fosses Septiques served the municipality of Sainte-Sophie and the surrounding areas for septic tank cleaning and emptying.

35 years later, in 2006, Mrs. Dany Frechette purchased Beauregard Fosses Septiques and the company expanded its territory as well as its field of activities. Besides the residential sector, the company now serve the public sector, offering septic tank cleaning for the municipality of Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan and Les Cèdres.

In 2010, Beauregard Fosses Septiques purchased two of its well established competitors: Jalbert Fosses Septiqes and T-Net Fosses Septiques. This expansion confirms that Beauregard Fosses Septiques is the leader in the industry of septic tank cleaning and maintenance.

The company continues to soar as it prepares for the opening of a new establishment in Mirabel scheduled in 2013.

A company by excellence for its constant commitment to quality

Regardless of its expansion, Beauregard Fosses Septiques carries on its mission to always offer the best possible service. Our courteous technicians have the necessary knowledge to provide an efficient and prompt service for the cleaning of your septic tank.

We are constantly working to perfect our technics in order to better meet your needs and expectations. Our personnel in customer service will be more than happy to answer your questions, advise you and/or take your call in the case of an emergency. Contact us to request information or to obtain our services.